Here at CoinGames we have made some of the highest rated and quality Crypto/Stego-Puzzles with our experts over the past 5 years.  We have now made it so you can win Bitcoin Prizes and more Alternative Coins coming soon!

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                             Last Update 1/6/2018 

Puzzle #1  1M9Wim45mRH31YwQX2iAc7if2M6fjxK3vQ

Test your skill's with this Coin Puzzle worth .0000202 BTC

Difficulty:  Easy 10 words : Solved! (Or stolen?)

Puzzle #2 1PMvVyADCztUAWx55AoUiUo9jyB5UA19GL

A New Higher skill puzzle worth .00003301 BTC

Difficulty:  Medium 16 Words : Active

Puzzle #3 1DR2SGyJPFnA5nsCPJqtTUk269wtD3RSo4

Highest Level Rated Puzzle worth .00006661 BTC

Difficulty: Medium 12 Words : Active

Puzzle #4 UNKNOWN Account

Mix of skills and knowledge Puzzle worth .00013371 BTC

Difficulty Hard 4 Words : Active

Puzzle #5 

Random skill set puzzle worth 7.771 OHM + .00007771 BTC

Difficulty Expert : 18 words

Puzzle #6

High level hacking :  17,771 OACoin + .00017771 BTC

Diffculty: Insane!! 25 Words

Puzzle #Holiday Prizes

Unknown OA COIN Amount. Seek answers within.

Difficulty 122517 :  Unknown Number of Words 

Check it out! 

Puzzle #7 Funding Unsuccessful 

Art skills needed and history Puzzle worth : .0 BTC

2018 Puzzle

Finished Puzzles


This is where we start to reach new higher levels inside games and other platforms while making an imprint on the blockchain forever and everlasting impression on our clients faces and in their heart and soul.

We innovate new products and services that helps boosts and promote Crypto-Currency awareness as well as but not limited to furthering Computer Science Education and Computer Security .

Let our experts do all the hard work and tinkering with all the bells and whistles while you play games and crack puzzles to earn money in a brand new gaming experience never felt before by any other games out there.

Order OAcoin Online

OACoin is currently on the Proof Blockchain and is available now! 

OAcoin Rates Information:

 1 USD = 1 OAcoin

1,000,000 GoldPieces = 1 OAcoin

Details will be given to email address on how to exchange and redeem coins. Which can be used in other games or puzzles in the future.

777,777,777 OACoins Available for Trade & Purchase. 

All transaction tickets are sent and received within 24-48 Hours!

The Holy Order : Comming 2018 

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Our researchers bring to you a fully functional and free "enlightening" ARG located at 

Lion 777 was inspired by Cicada 3301 and as well as many other ARGS and puzzles.

Challenge yourself to find the way threw the 33 Levels of basic and advanced puzzles. All sorts of Knowledge is located within the Mariana's Web. 

Team 1337 is proud to bring to you many more puzzles as we are cooperative with other puzzle makers, game developers and artists for this new day and age of puzzles and gaming. 

Our main goal and agenda is entertainment and education on a huge scale to the masses and bringing out new types of information and research to the public in brand new ways never imagined before.

It is our duty to bring the best and only the best.



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